Audio conference system in Peshawar at Cold chain storage facility

 Audio conference system in Peshawar

Audio conference system was required in Peshawar at the provincial cold chain warehouse Peshawar, along with the future provision of expanding the functionality of the audio conference system to be used with a multi site video conference system. Considering the core requirements, Restmoment RX- 2700 XP digital conference system was offered. Restmoment offers a wide variety of audio conference solutions, ranging from basic series digital microphone systems to state of the art software-controlled audio conference microphones.


Features of audio conference system

Built in audio recording facility in audio conference system

The Restmoment RX- 2700 XP series offers a wide variety of modern conferencing features which full fill all the modern-day conferencing requirements. Restmoment RX- 2700 XP series, also offers built-in audio recording functionality in one of its variants which provides audio recording and built-in media player for playback functionality.

Built in audio recording facility
restmoment audio microphone conference system has built in audio recording facility

Features & functions of delegate units

Restmoment RX- 2700 XP delegate unit, has built-in stereo speaker for monitoring purposes, along with built-in headphone jacks. This headphone jack, allows users to connect headphones with the delegate microphone for crystal clear audio via headphones. The digital delegate microphone has a built-in ring LED to indicate it’s on/ off status, along with a very directional cardioid microphone.

Interconnection of microphones

All digital microphones are interconnected with each other via daisy chain connectivity using a 8 pin DIN connector. A total of 100 digital delegate microphones can be connected with the central control machine utilizing different connectivity connecting lines.

audio conference system connection
Restmoment audio conference microphone system connection

For the cold chain warehouse, we utilized, ITC-Audio public addressing systems, comprising wall speakers and professional amplifiers to connect the digital microphone system with external public addressing systems.

Best price for audio conference system in Peshawar.

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View of 2700xp audio conference system (model : 2700xp)
View of 2700xp audio conference system (model : 2700xp) in Peshawar
Digital conference system 2700xp series from Restmoment
Digital conference system 2700xp series from Restmoment
Restmoment RX-2700 audio conference system
Restmoment RX-2700 audio conference system


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