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Audio Conference Microphone System

Professional Audio Conference Microphones

At Nasco, we have digital Audio Conference microphones for all conference microphone-related setups. Our Conference microphones are tested and are of an internationally renowned brand. Each Conference microphone has a built-in speaker with volume control and a RING LED to indicate the power on / off button. Combined with our experienced technical team, any setup requirement of an audio conference system is possible whether it is a classroom setup or a traditional U-Shape conference microphone setup.We can also provide an audio recording facility to maintain meeting minutes for the entire conference session.

Professional Public Addressing System

At Nasco, we have a large inventory of Public Addressing Sound System items including high-quality column speakers for vocals and speech. Heavy-duty Sp-4 speakers for musical functions and Documentary playback during conferences. High-quality Wireless Handheld and Wireless Collar microphones for Question and Answer sessions. Our back-end equipment involving Amplifiers and Audio Mixers is tested and is of internationally renowned brands. Our technical teams have an experience of over 15 years in managing all sorts of international and local Conferences, seminars, workshops, and Symposiums in all major cities and venues of Pakistan including the Convention Center, Expo Center, and all top-listed hotels of Pakistan.

Public Addressing System
Interactive Display Conference System

SMD Display Screens

Flicker Free and high-resolution display is a must for any international conference or seminar. We have in our inventory large display high-resolution SMD display screens and processors to cater to any requirement of our client regarding display. Our Rental SMD display screens are among the best available in Pakistan and along with our top-of-the-line technical team services, our SMD Display Screens are always the number 1 choice of our customers.

Live Display, Live Streaming, Online Meetings

Live display of Event / Conference proceedings on digital screens (SMDS) using professional digital Cameras and Professional cameramen. Proper NLE setup and OB Setup with an experienced on-site editor to project the best possible scene from camera to main screens. Our technical team and equipment can also manage to send the entire conference proceedings through live streaming to cloud platforms like Youtube or Facebook.

Apart from that our professional equipment and setup can enable remote participants to attend the conference through ZOOM and MS Teams. Our 2-Way audio setup and Video Setup can enable remote participants to attend the conference as they are attending the conference in person.

Interactive conference system
Interactive Display Conference System
Audio Conference Microphone System

Interpretation Equipment / Simultaneous interpretation Equipment/ Translation Equipment.

Nasco is among the pioneers and most experienced company in Pakistan with over 15 years of experience in the Field of providing Simultaneous interpretation equipment and services to various clients all across Pakistan,

Our technical team has hands on experience in handling complex installations and managing VVIP events related to Simultaneous interpretation equipment .

Our Simultaneous Interpretation equipment is infra-red base and entire setup is very clean and hassle free and as per international standards of interpretation equipment used world wide.

We have comfortable Wooden ,Spacious & well lit interpretation booths with Glass in front for translators . Booths have ample space to accommodate two translators along with a spacious front desk to place interpretation console and documents.

Our Interpretation Consoles are as per International Interpretation Standards and have the ability to listen from the main conference floor as well as from other booths as well.

Our expert team has accomplished many events involving Simultaneous interpretation equipment including

  • Heart of Asia Conference held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Asian Parliamentary Conference Conducted by Senate of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Investment Conference Conducted by Board of Investment
  • International Conference of Speakers Conducted by National Assembly of Pakistan
  • Investment Conferences Conducted during the visits of Various Head of States including
    • Visit of Turkish President to Pakistan
    • Visit of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan
    • Visit of Iranian President to Pakistan
    • Visit of Chinese Head of States to Pakistan
  • Conferences conducted by UNODC, PILDAT, UNFPA , WHO etc


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