Amazing AVer USB Video Conference Systems for PRIMACO Pakistan

Video conference system in Pakistan

Pakistan real estate investment & management company (PRIMACO) wanted to opt for the latest video conference system  in Pakistan & wished to adapt the new normal  during the ongoing covid19 pandemic & hence wanted to upgrade their conference room with state of the art audio & video conference system.

A meeting with the end user was  carried out in order to understand the issues being faced with the systems currently in use and a detailed alternative solution was derived by the NASCO team, keeping in view all the international standards & modern conference day requirements.

Video conference system  in Pakistan features

  1. The camera should be of extremely high quality.
  2. The Camera should have high zooming ability.
  3.  The Camera should be able to naturally adjust contrasts even in low light conditions.
  4. The camera should have high panning & tilting ability to cover the entire conference room participants
  5. The camera can be controlled over LAN network if needed.
  6. The microphone should support full duplex communications
  7. The microphone/ speaker phone should have a wide audio pick up range.
  8. The microphone/ speaker phone should have ‚Äúautomatic noise cancellation ability‚ÄĚ
  9. The video conference system should support a wide range of communication softwares, like zoom, ms teams, skype for business, webex, webRTC, etc.
  10. The system should be able to stream live content, when so ever required on any social media platform.

Video conference system  in Pakistan from NASCO

After thoroughly going through the requirements & issues being faced, evaluation of different products was carried out by the design team of NASCO- Islamabad & confidently offered AVer VC520Pro USB video conference system. The AVer USB video conference system, model, VC520pro,  not only full filled all the basic requirements listed above, but also offered lot more features to make audio & video conferencing more interactive & collaborative.

Features of AVer Usb video conference technology 

  1. Full HD 1080p resolution ( 2Mega pixel digital camera)
  2. Frame rate of 60 frame per seconds , ensured no video jitters.
  3. A massive zoom of 18X.  Demo of 18x zoom :
  4. Backlight compensation technology to provide excellent video in low light conditions.
  5. SONY CMOS sensor for excellent video capturing & broadcasting.
  6. Smart framing to automatically frame all the participants of the meeting.
  7. Wide dynamic range of up to 120dB
  8. Social media live streaming & IP configuration/ control of the system over LAN network
  9. Different innovative apps to enhance the user experience, for example.
  • Video conference software EZ Manager App

    For Camera Central Management software.  Provides ability to remotely control the camera & configure setting. Also provide power to remotely group FW/SW upgrades.

  • Video conference¬† camera software PTZ App¬† :¬†

    For viewing live video, diagnose operating status,  setting of parameters pertaining to camera image, camera control and upgradation of software.

  • EZ Live App : ¬†Is used for real time streaming / annotating/ taking snapshots & also does video recordings.EZ-Live

Complete demonstration was carried out and the end user evaluated the product which not only fulfilled their requirements but also offered additional facilities. For best prices of audio & video conference systems, please get in touch with us at .

AVer VC520Pro USB video conference system Camera wall mount

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