Video Conference System Lahore

Complete Audio video conference system-Lahore

Audio video conference system-Lahore

Audio video conference system in Lahore at NTDC was installed by NASCO. National transmission & dispatch company ( NTDC), was looking to modernize their conference room with state of the art audio video conference system, keeping in mind all the modern day requirements of modern conferencing needs, which requires wireless sharing of presentations, images, files along with streaming of content if required over the social media. 

Solution offered by NASCO for Audio video conference system-Lahore

For this, NASCO, having vast experience & representing modern manufacturers of audio & video conference systems, offered a comprehensive solution to NTDC.   For Audio Conference systems, Restmoment, wireless conference systems, model: RX-2861 wireless series was offered. Restmoment RX-2861 offers the following prospects to the end user.

Features & Functionalities of Audio Conference System For Lahore

  1. Fully wireless delegate & chairman microphone, having, priority to override all wireless delegate units
  2. Fully wireless dedicated trans-receiver operating on 2.4 GHz  interference free frequency band.
  3. 7-10 hours of battery time for each wireless delegate microphone.

Features & Functionalities of multi site video conference system for Lahore

 For Video Conference System, NASCO, offered AVer SVC-500 Professional series video conference systems. AVer SVC-500 video conference system offers such unique features, that it, automatically, stands out from other brands & models of video conference systems.AVer SVC SIP SERVER

    1. Offers wide connectivity capability of 06 sites simultaneously at 1080p resolution.
    2. Integration of webRTC , H.323 & SIP in SVC-500 video conference systems
    3. WIth license upgrade on AVer SVC-500 , it enables, webRTC , allowing communication using browsers( chrome & firefox)
    4. AVer SVC-500 video conference system, offers dual presentation & dual camera for extensive coverage of conferences / auditoriums.
    5. Built in 32GB Recording for audio & video recording.
    6. Multiple software & apps to enhance the conferencing experience.

Built in 32GB Recording for audio & video recording.

The entire solution was delivered & installed by NASCO , and the user experience pertaining to modern day conference requirements were fulfilled.  Installation pictures can be seen below

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