Use Zoom Cloud Conference Software with Multiple Camera Sources( HDMI & SDI)

How to use Zoom cloud conference software if you have multiple camera sources( HDMI & SDI)

With the pandemic COVID-19 , it is seen that world wide & in Pakistan, there has been a contrasting rise in the use of video conference systems & various people have different requirements in order to achieve their goals for a successful conference or meeting. 

As of today, many platforms are being used for a successful meeting / conference. Some people use web based conferencing or cloud based collaboration software like Zoom, Skype, MS teams etc & a large section of people intend to use a dedicated USB video conference system to obtain better video quality compared to a webcam.  Dedicated USB video conference camera systems, also provides additional facilities of streaming , sharing content  from other sources like computers & tablets. Examples of  top of the line, considered best USB video conference camera systems available in Pakistan  are listed below.

  • AVer CAM 520 PRo & CAM 520 Pro (POE)
  • AVer Cam 520¬†
  • AVer Cam 340+¬†
  • Aver Cam 340¬†

Apart from USB video conference systems,  H.323 / SIP based video conference systems can also integrate cloud based features. Some of the examples of best video conference systems available in Pakistan are listed below.

 Some people also require multiple HDMI or SDI sources signal from a video camera into Zoom using a third party capturing device.

For this following hardware will be required

  1. Computer ( Laptop/ desktop) with Zoom.
  2. Third party capture device/ dongle , for example, AVer media or Magewell.
  3. HDMI & USB Cables


 OPTION- I               When there is 1 external camera

 Step -1 :  Visit and download & install the software and sign in accordingly.

Step -2 :   If you’re using one external camera for your Zoom meetings, use any third party video capture dongles from AVer media or magewell to bring the video signal into Zoom. Just connect the camera to the third party external USB video capture dongle/ card with HDMI cable, further connect the dongle/ card with computer having Zoom with USB cable.

  OPTION- II               When there are multiple external cameras

 Step -1 : If multiple video sources are available which you wish to select between during the meeting , you will require a desktop computer with a PCIe slot. In order to achieve this purpose, a PCIe capture card will be required. Multiple third party manufacturers offers these cards as well, having multiple HDMI input ports. The capture card, is installed on the PCIe slot and connect HDMI camera sources on the card.

Step -2 : ¬†Once logged in to zoom, enter the settings panel and select ‚Äú Video‚ÄĚ.¬† All available video sources shall be able to see all the sources in the drop down menu. You can also select the required audio channel from the drop down menu , in the ‚Äú Audio tab‚ÄĚ

By following the steps above & selecting the rite product will make your conference / meetings upright and successful.  NASCO offers comprehensive solutions pertaining to audio & video conference systems & solutions. For prices please establish contact at

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