State Bank Of Pakistan- Karachi

In a recent competition between conference system brands comprising of Bosch & TOA , Restmoment was selected to be the brand of choice for State Bank Pakistan , Karachi. The competent authority after physical demonstration of the products selected Restmoment. The wireless conference technolgoy from Restmoment is considered to be the most reliable and stable wireless communication technology world wide. Restmoment wireless system was selected on the following basis.

1) Most advanced wireless communication protocols being used in Restmoment RX-2861 Wireless Conference System

2) Most advance digital processing audio technology close to CD audio quality.

3) The feature which stood out in Restmoment conference system was the anti mobile phone interference. No remote interference influence the transmission of wireless technology from Restmoment.

4) Each delegate & chairman unit has its own LCD display showing status of battery, wireless signal and channel selection hence making it easy for the end user to know the current battery and signal status of microphones

5) Can be hooked with external video conferencing equipment to combine audio and video conferencing.

6) Has advanced features of video tracking with the help of additional camera and voting function as well.

7) Restmoment flexible replacement warranty of 3 years allows the end user to confidently use the system.

Picture during the installation process of state bank of Pakistan

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