Provision of state of the art wireless conferencing & projection system at Chaklala Cantonment Board

Chaklala cantonment board Rawalpindi were in process of constructing their state of the art conference room, where they wanted only the most sophisticated & modern conference room technologies. Comprising of state of the art fully wireless conference microphone system integrated with fully wireless display solution. We provided industry standard wireless conferencing & projection system. The conference table comprised of 60 participants each having there own wireless audio & visual system integration. Integrating 60 wireless discussion microphones was a great challenge as handling so many wireless microphones is not easy. As chances for interference between different wireless signals are very high, which is not acceptable, as it will create signal interference. So, a solution had to be furnished, which was free from any interference, regardless of the number of wireless delegates. For this purpose, most modern & state of the art Restmoment Digital audio conference microphones were used. The wireless conferencing system, model RX-2861 offers unique multi frequency channels for each wireless delegates, allowing every unit to operate in their own frequency band & unique channel. This technology, eliminates inter band frequency interference between wireless delegates, it was the most suitable technology for this conference room, as it allowed 60 wireless delegates to operate simultaneously, with out any interference. Restmoment central control unit, model M-2861 was used in conjunction with trans-receiver, model Restmoment HE-2861, interconnected with 60 Wireless delegate microphones model, Restmoment RX- D 2861 were used for this conference room. ITC-audio public addressing systems were used with the wireless conferencing & projection system.

For professional display, we used, VIVITEK  high brightness DLP projector with wireless connectivity with android & IOS. Full HD definition resolution VIVITEK projector was used for display of full HD resolution with true color technology. The vivitek projector, outputs, 4000 Lumens on the appropriately gained projection screen for optimum results.

Restmoment Wireless Delegate Unit



Restmoment M-2861 Central control unit


Restmoment HE-2861 Trans-receiver


Restmoment RX- 2861 Delegate Unit


Restmoment RX- 2861 Chairman Unit


Restmoment CB-106 Charging Docks


ITC-Audio T-240 Amplifiers


ITC-Audio T-206 Ceiling Speakers


VIVITEK- HD Projector


Motorized Projection Screen


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