Provision of discussion delegate microphone system at Federal Judicial Academy Islamabad

Federal judicial academy was in search for a discussion / delegate conference microphone system for their large sized conference room. Due to the large dimension of the room, it was not possible for the participants to fully participate in the conferences due to lesser audibility, the presenters were facing difficulty as well in presenting lectures as high vocals were required in order to deliver lectures, also, the projected image was too small & was not appropriate for the auditorium room. The client also wished to a comprehensive video conferencing solution in order to connect with other sites , so that input from other departments/ participants can also be taken.

A complete need analysis was done in order to list down all the requirements & concerns of the client, once the analysis was done, our technical teams sat together for the formulation of the solution. We started of with the visuals first, comprising of the image display. As per the dimensions of the room, our trained technical teams, using the aspect ratio formulas, determined the minimum image height, mandatory for this big auditorium. Once the image height was determined, appropriate width of the image was taken out, which shall be sufficient for the participant sitting at the far most end. Once, the image height & width were determined, it was time for the selection of appropriate projector .  Aspect ratio of 16 :9 was selected & for it BOXLIGHT projector was selected for its immaculate & crystal clear output capability. Projection distance was calculated & was mounted at the specified distance, once mounted, complete visual testing was done, by trying to read the presentation text from the far most end. As all the dimensions, were calculated using the specified formulas, so the image height & width being formed on the projector screen was approved.  After wards, we shifted our focus towards the audio section. Restmoment, conferencing microphone system, was deployed & specifically Rx-2700XP series was used, having built in confidence speakers & equipped with anti cell phone & feed back suppression techniques. Along with Restmoment conference microphone systems, ITC-Audio public addressing system was also deployed, so that the audio may be broadcasted uniformly in the room. Complete testing was done using the audio & video solution and the results were astonishing as all participants could now head and collaborate/ participate in the conference.  Once all testings were done, it was time for the deployment of video conferencing solution, for video conferencing system, AVER brand of video conferencing system was selected for its HD quality conferencing technique and integrated H.323 , SIP & skype for business communication protocols along with the full HD  camera, AVER video conferencing systems provided excellent audio and video conferencing experience. The over all project was a great success as all the requirements and concerns of the clients were full filled.

Complete Installation view of the Judicial Academy

Another view of audio & video conferencing system

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