Provision of Audio Conferencing System at Fauji Fertilizer Company

Fauji fertilizer company (Pvt)ltd  was looking for the most latest audio conferencing system, which could not only give them ample space on the table but also provides most sensitive microphones which allowed them to speake comfortably as well. For this purpose, Restmoment RX-3100 series conference microphone system was proposed. The Restmoment RX-3100 series conference delegate system, is an embedded system which is installed inside the body of the table only the push button along with the sensitive gooseneck microphone is visible allowing a distance of up to 3 feet for the speakers to speak comfortably while sitting at his place.

Each delegate has built in push buttons to turn on & off the microphones. The chairman unit of RX-3100 is equipped with priority button, which allows the presiding officer to over ride all active delegate microphones. The clay body engineering of Restmoment conference microphone system, makes them esthetically ideal for flush mounting and provides excellent sound quality backed up with 3 years warranty. Restmoment delegate microphone system was connected to ITC-Audio public addressing system, comprising of a 240 watt amplifier with 3 microphone inputs ( mode ITC-T240). Special 30 watt ceiling speakers were installed at the fall ceiling with built in woofer & tweeter to provide heavy bass and treble.Restmoment Rx-3100 delegate microphone system uses special CAT-6 cable for connectivity with each microphone in a daisy chain methodology. The central control unit of RX-3100 system, provides full immunity to RF & GSM signals, offering multiple conferencing modes. The central control unit also offers a video matrix of 8×8 providing future expandability  with an HD video camera.

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