Restmoment Wireless Audio Conference System in Pakistan RX-4861

Wireless audio conference system in Pakistan from Restmoment, specializes in manufacturing the most sophisticated digital conferencing equipment & conference sound systems. Restmoment wireless conference system Rx-4861 carries the stylish design along with the most reliable and secure wireless sound connectivity with anti cell phone interference technology along with  sensitive condenser microphone technology.

Restmoment specializes in manufacturing wide array of conference sound systems of different types suitable to cover your growing modern day digital conferencing requirements. All conference sound systems are covered under comprehensive on site warranty and after sales support services.

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Wireless Audio Conference System  Restmoment RX-4861 in Pakistan.

Wireless audio conference system in Pakistan from Restmoment ,a company that specializes in manufacturing digital conference sound microphone systems. We feel proud to mention that the Restmoment conference system has been installed at more than 300 prestigious locations all over Pakistan that, include Government sectors , private and multinational organizations.
The Restmoment Rx-4861 is a fully digital wireless conference system. Rx-4861 Conference sound system carries the reputation of being the most superior wireless system produced today. It has with it the most stylish body structure that enhances the decor of the conference rooms and presents an executive out look coupled with crystal clear sound quality.

Restmoment Wireless conference sound system installed at Rawalpindi Cantonment Board
Restmoment RX- 4861 digital wireless conference sound system installed at Rawalpindi Cantonment Board

Restmoment RX-4861 Wireless Conference System features a powerful combination of technologies developed by engineers with years of experience in developing highly reliable conference sound systems for the most demanding application.  The RX-4861/2861 Wireless audio conference System  has been deployed in all major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, and Gujranwala, Quetta etc. The RX-4861 Wireless audio conference System  comprises the following core equipment

System Configuration of RX- 4861 Series Wireless conference sound system


 1) Restmoment RX- 4861 Central control amplifier for wireless conference sound system.

The central control amplifier for RX-4861 series serves as the heart of the system. It is based on the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency band and bridges digital wireless audio delegate systems with the digital sound amplifier & RF wireless audio signal generator. The digital central control amplifier adapts the RISC processing hardware which improves its over all performance in terms of signal processing, stability and security.

M-4861 Central Control Amplifier for wireless conference sound systems
M-4861 Central Control Amplifier for wireless conference sound systems

Following are some features that makes RX- M 4861 wireless conferencing sound system unique.

  1. The RX- 4861 central control amplifier can connect up to 250 wireless conferencing delegate microphones.
  2. The central control amplifier can adjust the volumes of individual wireless conferencing delegate microphones.
  3. It offers hot backup function along with software control to manage the entire meeting and meeting room.
  4. working modes for wireless conference sound system comprising of  Limit Mode , FIFO Mode, Application Mode, Voice Activation Mode, Press Key to speak Mode.
  5. Camera tracking technology that automatically focuses on active microphone speaker.

Camera Tracking Audio Conference System (Built in feature).

In order to take the meeting room experience to the next level, Restmoment has introduced most latest ” Camera tracking technology” which is a first of its kind feature. This innovative tracking technology allows the camera to automatically rotate , zoom and focus on the participant which is speaking on the wireless delegate conference microphone.

Restmoment camera tracking audio conference microphone system
Restmoment camera tracking audio conference microphone system

This feature has allowed the wireless conference sound system to be used for variety of applications comprising of

  • Audio Video Conferencing system : The automatic camera tracking technology allows remote participants to see active speaking participants rather then a generic conference room view. This increases collaboration and meeting effectiveness.
  • Video Recording                                    :  The automatic camera tracking technology allows highest resolution studio grade video recording of the entire meeting. Instead of a generic conference or meeting room view, the camera automatically records the active speaking participants.

2) Restmoment RX- 4861 Wireless Delegate / Chairman microphone unit

Restmoment RX- D 4861 represents the delegate microphones of the wireless conference sound system. Sleek and stylish design of the wireless microphones makes it easy to use and also enhances the aesthetics of the conference room. The condenser microphone on the wireless delegate microphones are highly sensitive & allows speakers to sit comfortably while speaking, instead of bending forward towards the microphone.

D-4861 wireless delegate conference microphone system
D-4861 wireless delegate conference microphone system

Following are some features that makes RX- D 4861 wireless delegate microphone unit.

  • Restmoment RX- D 4861 is a fully digital wireless delegate microphone unit.
  • The wireless conference room sound system has special built in ” Anti cell phone interference technology”
  • The wireless delegate microphone units are fully software controllable. Which allows, them to be a perfect candidate for large conference rooms , auditoriums.
  • Supports automatic camera tracking technology. Which allows camera to automatically focus on the active speaker, who turns on the wireless conference system delegate microphone.
  • Up to 250 wireless delegate microphone units can be interconnected together with out any interference.

3) Restmoment RX- H4861  Transmitter

The most powerful  transceiver adapts all digital wireless technologies for smooth and interruption-free transmission of audio signals. It broad casts 360 degree signal with full encryption and is resistant to conventional ” Cell phone interference” .  It offers a wide dynamic range of 60m and can be mounted on both wall and ceilings.

HE-4861 central wireless transmitter
HE-4861 central wireless audio system with anti cell phone interference technology




Restmoment wireless conference sound system has built in ” Digital Camera Tracking Technology” . This functionality allows the camera to automatically tracks the active conference delegate microphone , focusing on the active speaking participant.


What is the price of Restmoment wireless conference microphone system in Pakistan?

The prices vary with the quantity and features required for the wireless conference system. For more information on prices , please send an email at We have our head office in Islamabad and support office in Lahore , with distribution network in all major cities like Karachi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Peshawar etc

Can Restmoment wireless conference system be used with Zoom/ Teams or Google meet ?

Restmoment audio conference microphone systems can be used with 3rd party video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Teams, Google meet. They can be easily integrated for excellent conferencing experience over these cloud software.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a wireless conference audio system in Pakistan?

There are plenty of models available in this category, important things to consider while opting for a wireless conference audio system specially in Pakistan region are as follows. • a) Warranty structure : The conference system should have a comprehensive warranty structure. • b) Camera tracking technology : As video conferencing has evolved, so has the audio conferencing systems. Wireless conference systems should have a built in camera tracking technology to enhance the video conferencing experience. • c) Cell phone interference : The wireless conference systems should have built in anti cell phone interference technology to enhance the conferencing experience with out any external disturbances due to cell phones or RF signals.

Can Restmoment wireless conference system be seen in Pakistan?

Yes, our technical teams can demonstrate the wireless meeting room system either physically or through online meeting to prove how voice will be communicated over video conferencing medium.

How many wireless delegate microphones can be connected with central control amplifier ?

Restmoment wireless audio conference systems allows up to 250+ wireless delegate microphones to get connected with the central control amplifier with out any issues.

What if the wireless sound system gets faulty?

Nasco, is an authorized distributors for Restmoment conferencing systems for over 15 years & we offer a comprehensive warranty in shape of repair or even replacement. Please check with the sales staff at for more information.

Does the wireless delegate microphone have built in speakers?

No, the Restmoment 4861 wireless audio conference system series does not include built in speakers in the delegate & chairman microphones. Being a wireless system, having a built in speaker in the microphone will drain the battery faster. The 4861 series conference system, gets connected with external wall or ceiling type speakers connected with an sound amplifier

What is the battery timing of the wireless delegate microphone?

The RX-4861 series meeting room audio system offers around 10 hours of battery time. The Li-ion batteries can be charged with in 3 hours using Restmoment battery chargers.


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