Wanin – WIFI Presenter JY-150B

The Wanin-JY150B is an ideal choice for presenters who are on the go. With wireless connectivity and ability to display high resolution crisp images the digital presenter is an obvious choice for teachers and presenters.


The JY-150B from Wanin allows you to use your digital wifii document camera with computers  through the convenience of wireless streaming via an existing built in Wi-Fi hot spot of JY-150B  . Real-time high-resolution images of documents, books and even 3-D object  are ready to go for presenting, teaching and collaborating. Available in Pakistan including all its major cities Islamabad,  Lahore , Karachi, Faislabad, Peshawar and Gujranwala.



JY-150B from Wanin, is equipped with most latest features, considering in mind fully collaborative teaching environment where students and teachers can not only discuss but also collaborate with each other.



The JY-150B can fully record HD quality video with just a click of a button.


Professional desktop, light weight design allows presenters to easily carry the document camera and with wireless facility it can be connected instantly with the computer, ready for presentation.


The JY-150B digital presenter is equipped with LAN ports where teachers can present images and media files with out computer as well.




Wanin- JY 150B is ideal for those situations where freedom of cables is required. The digital presenter connects wirelessly with the computer to display high resolution images, on the go.



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