Restmoment Tabletop Unit-Full Digital Tabletop Unit RX-6640

With elegant table top design the RX-C6640 supports PNP with five work models limited mode, FIFO mode, apply mode, voice activating mode and free discussion mode.

Price Range

Main Machine                        : 20,000 ~ 500,000/-

D-6640 Delegate Unit          : 5,000 ~ 50,000/-

C-6640 Chairman Unit          : 5,000 ~ 50,000/-

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With elegant table top design the RX-C6640 supports PNP with five work models limited mode, FIFO mode, apply mode, voice activating mode and free discussion mode. The system comes with video controller, camera and video tracing feature. The unit greatly works with management software for better functionality. It has double stereo adjustable earphone output. It has single way 20pcs capacity with frequency of 30-20KHz. The MIC sensitivity is up to -47Db. The system has dynamic range of 106Db with 102Db resolution channels. The working current is 50ma, +5% maximum power of 2W. The system comes in three colors gray, black and silver. For each unit has arbitrary supply address, ease of installation and evading address repeating. System support 150 chairman units, carry out functions. Its beautifully designed and capable of fulfilling the needs of modern era industry requirements. The system provides capacitive MIC type to enhance the conference experience by making clarity in voice. The capacity of the system of the system greatly depends on the system controller and can be adjusted accordingly.




Restmoment RX-6640 series is equipped with most latest digital feed back& anti cell phone interference technology, allowing interruption & hassle free conferences utilizing most latest digitizing & conferencing technology


Restmoment RX-6640 series can be integrated with an optional Restmoment conference management and control software. This takes conferencing to new dimensions, allowing administrator control of delegate microphones, turning off & on microphones via software & additional features of voting & attendance. The software also allows  easy maintenance & system health check.


The Restmoment RX-6640 system can also be integrated with an external Full HD restmoment camera, allowing live tracking and recording facility of the live proceedings. The Restmoment, HD camera, automatically tracks the delegate microphone ( D-6640) which is turned on and tracks the speaker.


The Restmoment RX-6640 system can also be integrated with additional multi-channel language interpretation system, forming a comprehensive wired  language distribution system. The RX-6640 system offers language selection functionality in each delegate microphone, either 8 or 16 different channels can be selected.


Parametermode RX-M6640 series
Working power AC100~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Working consumption Static state 25W, Maximum 400w
Display 2.8 inch screen
Menu Chinese/English or custom made
Capacity of each way 20pcs
Unit capacity 100 multi-function units
Transmission distance 150M
Voltage of unit output port 24V
Audio output RCA X 2 2V p-p   6.3mmx1  -50Db   XLRX1  -50DB
Audio input RCA X 2 2V p-p    XLR X 1  -50dB
Output¬†impedance 47Kő©
Frequency response 20 ~ 20KHz
SNR 102Db
Dynamic range 106Db
Total¬†harmonic¬†distortion ÔĻ§0.05%
Capacitive mic connector 1 channel
Double machine heat back-up YES
Unit ID number User defined
Quantity of possible chairman units 150pcs
Serial port control Three serial ports which can connect PC or programmable central control system
Working modes 5 modes
Quantity of turnning on units 1/2/3/4/5/6/or all
Speaking limit function YES
Video control type RS-422/RS-485
Unit connector 6pin DIN
Balling unit capacity 8 pcs
Video¬†matrix 8×8¬†channel
Quantity of panorama 8X4 channel  can setup switching time & order
Video output level RCA X 41.08V p-p
Video¬†output¬†impedance 75ő©
Video bandwidth(-3dB) 30MHz
Color Dark grey
Net weight 8KG
Dimension 432L x 90H x 350W mm
Installation Suitable for 19 inch standard stand


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