Restmoment RX-3500 Series Digital Conference Microphone System.

Restmoment RX- 3500 conference microphone system, represents one of the top & state of the art conference
system series. Providing ample, modern day conferencing features & functions to accommodate modern day
conferencing requirements. Restmoment conference microphone system, provides dual conferencing needs, i.e
the RX-3500 series conference system, can also be used as an in house conference system as well as can be
connected with a video conferencing system for crystal clear remote audio conferencing solution.

Price Range

Main Machine                        : 20,000 ~ 500,000/-

D-3500 Delegate Unit          : 5,000 ~ 50,000/-

C-3500 Chairman Unit          : 10,000 ~ 50,000/-

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Restmoment RX-3500 digital conference system, like other variants, comprises of 3* basic components. The configuration comprises of Restmoment RX- M 3500 central control unit , restmoment RX- D 3500 digital delegate unit & Restmoment RX- C 3500 digital chairman unit. Considering, state of the art conferencing requirements, Restmoment offers many variants in their central control machines so that all modern requirements can be full filled.  Few of the variants are listed below, that Restmoment offers

Restmoment RX- M 3500 Basic Variant Control Unit

Restmoment RX- M 3500 digital control unit, is the most basic variant of control unit. Providing most basic digital features. The central control unit, offers to connect up to 100 units of RX- D 3500 digital delegate units, utilizing different conferencing ports. Even the most basic variant of control unit of 3500 series offers video matrix functionality. The modern conference system of RX- 3500 series can also be connected with external computer having Restmoment software, which allows complete conference system to controlled via software.

Restmoment RX- M 3500/ V Central Control Unit

Restmoment  RX-M 3500/V digital conference system, is a digital variant of 3500 series conference system. The word V denotes, video tracing. The central control unit, can be integrated with a full HD PTZ conference camera. The Restmoment RX- M3500/V central control unit, can be integrated with an external computer having Restmoment software RX-MBVS. When ever a delegate is turned on, the Restmoment PTZ camera, automatically focuses on the delegate / audience who turned on the microphone automatically. Restmoment central control unit also is able to connect & integrate language interpretation system.


Restmoment RX- M 3500/B Central Control Unit

Restmoment RX- M 3500/B central control unit, offers innovative feature to full fill state of the art conferencing requirements of voting, this allows, audience members to vote and give a response to any inquiry published by the conference curator.  Each voting unit is provided to the audience & the software Restmoment RX- MBVS , is used to publish any question. As all the digital units are integrated, the voting units, allows audience to give their responses accordingly. The software, RX-MBVS  displays the results instantly.Restmoment central control unit also is able to connect & integrate language interpretation system

Restmoment RX- M 3500/ VB Central Control Unit

Restmoment RX- M 3500/VB provides a combinational functionalities of central control unit V & B in a single unit named as Restmoment RX- 3500/VB . This variant, offers video tracing & voting functionalities in a single control unit. The M-3500/VB allows, full HD Restmoment PTZ camera to connected with the control unit, along with interconnection of Restmoment voting response units. The central control unit, can be operated by Restmoment RX-MBVS software, to control & handle additional features.Restmoment central control unit also is able to connect & integrate language interpretation system

 Restmoment RX- D3500  Digital Delegate Microphone.

Restmoment RX- 3500 Digital Delegate Microphone, is a stylishly built digital microphone, which is cell phone & RF interference friendly.  Near by cell phones, don’t cause any sort of interference noises.  The digital microphone, offers built in feed back suppression technique, allowing the active microphones speakers to turn to mute automatically, once the microphone is turned on. Restmoment, keeping in consideration modern conferencing requirements, has also introduced IC card functionality in each delegate microphone.  If the specific IC card is entered in the microphone, only than the microphone will be turn on, this is an optional feature.

Restmoment RX- C3500  Digital Chairman Microphone.

The Restmoment RX- C 3500 digital chairman microphone comprises of similar features as of D-3500 delegate unit, an additional feature it offers is of , priority button on each chairman unit. The priority  feature,  provide power to the presiding officer on all other audience members. On a touch of the priority button, all active delegate microphones, are automatically switched off. Multiple chairma units can be integrated in a single conference system.



Restmoment RX-3500 series is equipped with most latest digital feed back & anti cell phone interference technology, allowing interruption & hassle free  conferences utilizing most latest digitizing & conferencing technology.


Restmoment RX-3500 series can be integrated with an optional Restmoment conference management and control software. This takes conferencing to new dimensions, allowing administrator control of delegate microphones, turning off & on microphones via software & additional features of voting & attendance. The software also allows  easy maintenance & system health check.


The Restmoment RX-3500 system can also be integrated with an external Full HD restmoment camera, allowing live tracking and recording facility of the live proceedings. The Restmoment, HD camera, automatically tracks the delegate microphone ( D-3500) which is turned on and tracks the speaker.


The Restmoment RX-3500 system has a built in  IC- card reader, to provide & support sign in support services. Data pertaining to each individual, language, messages and system settings can be saved in the IC card, the delegates automatically signs in with the saved data once the IC-card is inserted in the microphone.


The Restmoment RX-3500 system can also be integrated with additional multi-channel language interpretation system, forming a comprehensive wired  language distribution system. The RX-3500, in this context, is a comprehensive solution for present and future conferencing requirements.






RX-3500 series unit

CapacityDepends on system controller, ≤ 65535
Frequency respond30-20KHZ(Human voice golden frequency respond)
Mic typeCapacitive
sensitivity of Mic-47dB
Dynamic Range106dB
Resolution of channels102dB
Total harmonic distortion<0.45%
LCD160*32 LCD
Transmission distance150M
Working power24DC,-5%
Working current50ma, ±5%
Maximum power2W
Control typeRS-485
Internal communicationsReceive/send mess
Earphone output16Ω, 250mW/32Ω,125mW


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