Restmoment RX-3100 Embedded Conference System

Restmoment, has released its new series in the embedded system category, launching the RX-3100 conference systems. The exquisitely designed conference microphone systems are equipped with capacitive sensitive microphones.

Price Range

Main Machine                       : 20,000 ~ 500,000/-

D-300 Delegate  unit           :  5,000 ~ 50,000/-

C-300 Chairman unit            : 10,000 ~ 50,000/-

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Restmoment is one of the most reputed quality audio conference microphone system manufacturers worldwide. The product range varies from basic-level conference systems to most advanced conference microphone systems with embedded features like digital audio and an HD video recording of the entire conference. Powerful software development allows complete conference management as well. Restmoment having wide clientage worldwide, was introduced in Pakistan by Nasco. With its exceptional support and quality products, Restmoment conference microphone systems are being used in well over 400 departments comprising both government, semi-government, and multinationals.

System Configuration

The Restmoment RX-3100 has been designed and engineered to fit in the tables, making it an embedded system, allowing all wiring to be concealed and increasing the aesthetics of the conference room and conference table. The RX-3100 embedded conference delegate systems consist of highly sensitive capacitive microphones allowing the participants to speak comfortably and not have to lean over the microphone to talk.

The RX-3100 conference delegate system comprises of the following.

1) Restmoment RX-3100 Central Control Unit

  • Restmoment RX-3100, the central control unit, is the main driving component of the conference system. Embedded Restmoment original all-digital conference technique ( compliance to IEC60914)
    •  The central control unit can support up to 100 delegate microphones and also supports a Video tracking feature, where HD video of the entire conference can be recorded via the HD auto delegate detection feature. The HD camera automatically focuses on the delegate microphone, which is turned on and records HD-quality video.
    • The RX-3100 conference delegate system can also be connected with language interpretation equipment. The infra-red interpretation system or language translation system allows the broadcast of translated language to all participants via special infra-red receivers.

2)  Restmoment RX- 3100 Delegate Unit

  • Restmoment RX-3100 conference delegate system has been designed to not increase the aesthetics of the room and conference table. Still, it is equipped with a sensitive capacitive microphone, allowing the participant not to lean over the delegate microphone and speak. Instead, it is emphasized that the participant may sit comfortably and talk usually.
  • The delegates are fully digital dis allowing any external interference caused due to cell phone frequency or external factors.

3) Restmoment RX- 3100 Chairman Unit

  • Restmoment Rx-3100 chairman unit comprises the priority feature, which over rides all other delegates and allows the chairman to speak on its chairman microphone. The sensitive capacitive microphone allows the chairman to sit comfortably and speak with not having to lean over the microphones.

Connection Diagram

The Restmoment Rx-3100 conference microphone systems can be used stand-alone and with a complete Language interpretation system. Below is the connection diagram of the interconnectivity of RX-3100 conference systems.





All digital conference main controller
Working power Two models:AC100~120V, 8A   /    AC220~240V, 4A
Power consumption Depends on the quantity of connecting units: Single unit 25W, Maximum 420W
Unit capacity 180pcs units, can be extended to 4096pcs
Audio input RCA × 2      2V  p-p

6.3mm ×1     -50dB

XLR × 1     -50dB

Audio output RCA × 2    2V  p-p

XLR × 1     -50dB

Output impedance 47KΩ
Frequency respond 20~20KHz
SNR 102dB
Dynamic range 106dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%
Channel separation 102dB
Control model Scalable 8/16/32/64 CH
Connector RS-232/RS-485
Camera capacity big 6 pin DIN
Color Dark grey
Net weight 8KG
Dimension 432×90×350 mm
Installation Suitable for 19 inch normal stand



RX-3100 Manual


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