Restmoment RX-2503 Arm Chair Conference System

Restmoment known for its quality manufacturing and flexible warranty structures has developed most latest arm chairs conference equipment which can be integrated on the arm rests of chairs.

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Restmoment, known for its innovative and quality manufacturing for various types of conferencing needs has developed most latest and fully digital embedded conference system which can be embedded on conference chair arm rests. The sensitive microphones can be integrated on arm rests so that in high profile meeting & conferences participants can ask questions and participate directly from their seats rather then asking for wireless microphones to actively participate in the conference. The sensitive microphones from restmoment can pick up voice while the participant wishes to speak in standing position even.


System Configuration

Restmoment RX – 2503 is a unique digital embedded system which and has the following components

1) Restmoment RX- M 2503 Central Control Unit

  • The heart of the RX-2503 series conference system, allowing embedded units to get connected to the central control unit. The fully digital RX-M2503 is compliant to Restmoments digital audio technique ( Compliant to IEC60914)
  • The digital audio technique being used by Restmoment does not allows any remote interference from mobiles and other wireless hand held devices, hence providing interruption free conferencing.
  • Provides various conferencing modes to allow or dis allow participants to participate in the conference. Features First in first out mode, voice activation mode, speaker free mode and speaker apply mode
  • In Speaker apply mode , Restmoment has added a unique administrative authority to the chairman having provision of allowing or dis allowing any participant to talk or wait

2) Restmoment RX- 2503 D- Delegate Arm Rest Unit.

  • The delegate unit of Restmoment Rx- 2503 has advanced setup structure to get integrated on the arm rests of the conference chairs. The Sensitive capacitive microphones allows participants to speak comfortably in either sitting or either stand up position. Each delegate unit is assigned a unique ID number which allows it configure it self digitally with the central control unit. Each digital microphone has the capacity to resist interference from mobile phones and other wireless disturbances.

3) Restmoment RX- 2503 C – Chairman Arm Rest Unit

  • The chairman unit of Restmoment Rx- 2503 has the advance setup structure to get integrated on the arm rests of conference chairs. The chairman unit from Restmoment has the additional priority button allowing the chairman of the meeting the authority to preside over all other delegates. Restmoment Rx- 2503 allows connectivity of 150 chairman but assigning 1 chairman as the exclusive chairman

Wiring Diagram

The wiring of the Restmoment RX- 2503 is all done underground so no or lesser cables are seen. Complete mesh of cables has to be laid and the distance between two rows of microphones can even exceed 150m showing the quality and durability of Restmoment conference equipment.








InstallationEmbedded unit
System CapacityDepends on system controller, ≤ 65535
Frequency respond30-20KHZ(Human voice golden frequency respond)
Mic typeCapacitive
sensitivity of Mic-47dB
Dynamic Range106dB
Resolution of channels102dB
Total harmonic distortion<0.45%
Working power24DC,-5%
Working current40ma, ±5%
Maximum power1W
Control typeRS-485
Connection modeAudio connection box”Ring fromhand by:Connectiom
ColorGrey/Black/Silver(custom made)
Dimension (Length/Width)65/50mm



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