ITC- Audio T-601 G Wall speakers

ITC- Audio, T-601 public addressing wall speaker is a 10 watt professional wall dual way speaker system. It has an ABS enclosure , metal grille and built in woofer and tweeter and total out put power of 10 watts, T-601 G public addressing wall speaker is


ITC- Audio, T 601 G, is a wall mount dual-way public addressing speaker having an output wattage of 10 watts with a built-in 70v/100v transformer. The transformer technique reduces the line losses on longer distances and allows easy parallel connection of multiple public addressing loudspeakers. The T-601 G has 2 X 4” built-in speaker system that spreads sound equally in both directions. The metal grille, ABS enclosure, and stainless steel mounting bracket are of all-white color. T-601 G is a professional speaker system ideal for medium to large halls.


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