ITC- Audio Public Addressing Amplifier T-350

T-350 amplifier from ITC- Audio is a professional public addressing amplifier with a total wattage of 350 watts and multiple inputs and equipped with extensive over load and power protection circuit

The professional level public addressing mixer amplifier model : T- 350 is a 350 watt professional public addressing amplifier. In addition 3 microphone inputs , 2 Auxilary inputs and 1 emergency inputs. Priority muting is achieved via EMC1 for overriding other inputs except Mic1 on front panel. The amplifier is equipped with a matching line transformer of  70V and 100 V and low impedance 4-16 ohms speaker out puts. Extensive protective circuit from short circuit , overload and high temperature is provided in each amplifier. Available in Pakistan including all its major cities Islamabad,  Lahore , Karachi, Faislabad, Peshawar and Gujranwala.


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