SR-8083D multi-touch interactive white boards

INTECH- multi point interactive white boards & interactive LED panels, offering interactive technology from Infra red, electromagnetic & capacitive touch interactive technologies. Apart from experienced hardware manufacturing, INTECH specializes in developing top of the line educational software plugins to enhance the features & functions of the Interactive white board, allowing users to fully collaborate and engage audience & students in the interactive picture. The SR 8083D Interactive white board offers a diagonal size of 55″ ,65″ ,75″, 87”, 98″, 110″ interactive white boards & interactive LED panels offering very high finger touch resolution. The interactive white boards are used in conjunction with multimedia projectors.

Price Range

Rs.10,000 ~ 100,000/-

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INTECH- SR 8083D interactive whiteboards are made for rough & tough environments, utilizing aluminum alloy frame with galvanized metal background & rigid metal steel projection panel, providing a certain level of shock absorption & eco-friendly surface. Intech SR-8083D interactive whiteboards provide great advantages and functions in the education sector as well as in conference rooms, providing new dimensions for education purposes allowing unique collaboration techniques.

a) Multi-Touch surface, More Free Interaction
Keeping in view the modern collaboration and state of the art learning possibilities, INTECH SR 8083D allows up to 10 users to interact on the interactive whiteboard, providing new dimensions for collaboration and learning possibilities.

b) Smart design & easier maintenance.
Intech SR 8083D interactive whiteboard smart design allows very easy and minimum maintenance. The INTECH SR 8083D interactive whiteboard also recognizes hand gestures for example, a palm, gesture on the INTECH SR 8083D interactive whiteboard, open up the proprietary INTECH software canvas.

c) Smartphone & tablet configuration
Intech SR 8083D powerful software allows integration of android devices with INTECH SR 8083D interactive whiteboard. The screen can be wirelessly shared on the interactive whiteboard, using the android application, which can easily be downloaded from the android play store. Content from interactive whiteboard can also be shared on mobile device or tablet.

d) Plug & Play functionality
Intech SR 8083D interactive whiteboards are easily deployed and configurable, hence making it a total plug & play hardware. Just connect the USB on the computer & connect any multimedia projector with the same computer as well.

e) Anti-light Interference technology
INTECH-SR 8083D, 86″ Interactive whiteboard provides strong anti-light interference technology on the interactive whiteboard. INTECH algorithm recognizes the finger touch on the surface & recognize gestures as well even in the shadow areas. In order to minimize the possible impact of shadows, ultra short throw multimedia projectors are recommended.

f) Company Introduction



  • Sensor TypeInfrared Technology
  • Calibration4 points
  • Touch Points10 points
  • Resolution32768*32768
  • Cursor Speed180dot/s
  • Transmission Speed12m/s
  • Working Temperature-20℃ to +60℃
  • Working Humidity10% to 90%
  • Scanning Speed16ms at the first dot, 8ms for continuous dot
  • Position Precision≤0.1mm
  • Surface MaterialMetal projection panel for front, galvanized metal panel for back
  • Data TransmissionUSB cable
  • Power SupplyUSB power less than 5V/100mA
  • Operation SystemsLinux/Mac/Windows 7 to 10.




INTECH- SR 8083D Interactive White Board


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