Intech SR-8083D Multi-Touch Interactive White Board 86 Inches

  • INTECH- SR 8083D is a Multi Touch Interactive White Board Surface Used in Conjunction With a Multimedia Projector
  • Plug & Play USB Powered Interactive Surface
  • Easy to Use & Operate
  • Offering 4- Sided Infra Red Detection Allowing Accurate Tracing & Pixel Detection
  • Available Sizes
    -86 Inches
    -110 Inches

Product Description:

Intech Interactive Whiteboard: Built to Last

The 86-inch interactive whiteboard from Intech is made from materials considering the rugged use of interactive whiteboards in student environments. The frames are made of aluminum, with a galvanized metal background having shockproof properties. Each side of the 86-inch interactive whiteboard has “Infrared radiators” for accurate pixel tracking & ease of use. Apart from Interactive whiteboards, Interactive LED screens also use infra-red technology.

86 inches interactive white board in Pakistan
86 inches interactive white board in Pakistan having strong aluminum alloy frame with galvanized metal background

Diagonal Interactive Area of SR-8083 : Ideal for Educational Institutions

The INTECH interactive whiteboard offers a wide range of interactive surfaces in Pakistan. The most common interactive whiteboards used in educational schools in Pakistan are of diagonal 86 inches. Apart from Interactive whiteboards, Interactive LED screens also come in different sizes.

86 inch diagonal interactive white board in Pakistan
86 inches diagonal interactive white board in Pakistan

4 Point Calibration Technology In 86 Inch Interactive White Boards

Intech- interactive whiteboard technology which is easily available in Pakistan offers extremely stable performance & 4 point calibration technology. The 4-point calibration technology  ensures accurate pixel tracking & high resolution touch sensitivity.

Gesture Recognition Technology In 86″ Inches Interactive White Boards

The INTECH- Interactive white boards offers state-of-the-art & modern teaching facilities & one such thing is the gesture recognition technology in the 86 inches interactive whiteboards. It offers palm detection & once the interactive whiteboard recognizes the palm, it automatically opens up the specialized interactive whiteboard writing software. The interactive whiteboard also offers a susceptible interactive surface thanks to 4- point calibration technology

86 Inch Interactive White Boards For Schools & Class Rooms In Pakistan

The Intech interactive whiteboards are actively being used & their features & functionalities are being fully utilized. Many classrooms equipped with INTECH interactive whiteboards offer the most collaborative environment, which enhances the learning curve & improves student learning in the classrooms. Different educational tools can be used on the interactive whiteboards to make learning easy & fun.

Markings & Annotation On Power Point

The professional software of interactive whiteboards offers collaboration/ annotation & marking facilities. Making it easy for the presenter to explain or highlight different aspects of their presentations. Apart from this, the interactive whiteboard also offers a facility to zoom & annotate. The 86 inch interactive white boards make it easy for students in large class rooms to easily focus and visualize the interactive content on the screen.

Wireless Screen Sharing On 86 Inches Interactive White Boards

Keeping in view the modern conference room & classroom requirements. The INTECH- 86-inch interactive whiteboards in Pakistan, also offers wireless screen sharing & wireless mirroring options. With 86 inches interactive whiteboard, you mirror your screen on the interactive whiteboard & do markings & annotations accordingly as well.

1- Lahore: 86 Inch Interactive White Board Installation in Pakistan- Project Reference ( School in Lahore)

86 inches interactive whiteboard installation at an educational institute in Lahore was carried out with INTECH brand of interactive boards. With wireless screen sharing & collaborative software, the classroom was transformed into a smart classroom.

86 inch interactive white board in Lahore
86 inch interactive white board in Lahore

2- 86 Inch Interactive White Board Installation In Pakistan- Project Reference Karachi

A Public sector university opted for an 86-inch interactive whiteboard & introduced the wireless screen-sharing functionality of the 86-inch interactive whiteboard from INTECH to students. The students would share their assignments on the interactive whiteboard using the INTECH- sharing wireless screen-sharing app.

86 inch interactive white board with wireless screen sharing feature
86 inches Interactive white board with Tablet for wireless screen sharing.


  • Sensor TypeInfrared Technology
  • Calibration4 points
  • Touch Points10 points
  • Resolution32768*32768
  • Cursor Speed180dot/s
  • Transmission Speed12m/s
  • Working Temperature-20℃ to +60℃
  • Working Humidity10% to 90%
  • Scanning Speed16ms at the first dot, 8ms for continuous dot
  • Position Precision≤0.1mm
  • Surface MaterialMetal projection panel for front, galvanized metal panel for back
  • Data TransmissionUSB cable
  • Power SupplyUSB power less than 5V/100mA
  • Operation SystemsLinux/Mac/Windows 7 to 10.


INTECH- SR 8083D Interactive White Board


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