65″ Interactive LED Screen

65″ 4K UHD interactive LED touch screen in Pakistan

Intech-TC 1650 is a 65″ 4K UHD interactive LED panel easily available in Pakistan, which allows 10 or 20 users to simultaneously collaborate & interact with each other, the 65″ UHD interactive LED panel, ensures plug & play connectivity & brings wide range of features & functionalities with it self.


Best interactive LED touch screen (65 inch) in Pakistan.

65 inch Interactive LED touch screens from INTECH- are highly rated world wide due to their sensitive infra red multi touch screens & power full processing engine comprising of up to 3gb ram & 32 gb flash memory. It is equipped with power full cortex A73 & A53 dual core processors which allows seam less transitions between screens & allows excellent quality zooming ability.


Interactive LED display screens for schools, conference rooms

The INTECH- 65 inch interactive LED display screens can be a very useful for classrooms & conference rooms as it allows multi touch collaborations. Students can collaborate on the same screen & enhance the learning curve by participating in different class activities.

Multi touch interactive LE display screen ( 65 inches)

The intech- interactive LED display screens offer multi-touch interactive surface of up to 20 or 10 users. This interactive LED touch surface having multi touch functionality provides organizations to engage audience & students in collaborative activities.

4K- resolution interactive LED display panels (65 inches) in Pakistan

The Intech- interactive led display panels in Pakistan offers most latest 4K UHD resolution, offering extremely high quality display, color saturation & color depth. The UHD interactive LED panels are considered most viable in for class rooms & conference rooms due to their resolution & all in one interactive touch screen facilities.

High touch sensitivity of 65″ Interactive LED touch panel in Pakistan

The Intech- 65″ UHD 4K interactive LED panel offers very high touch resolution which offers minimum delay & accurate touch positions. The delay time is less than 6ms with 3gb ram & 32gb flash memory.

65 inches Interactive LED display screen front panel

The Intech- interactive LED screens offer ease of use & accessibility for the users, providing 2 * USB slots along with on / off buttons on the front panel of the interactive screen. The 65 inch interactive screen can be powered on / off with just a single touch on the power button. The blue ring LED on around the power button indicates the on / off status of the 65 inches interactive LED screen.

Magnetic pen tray for interactive LED display screen (65 inch) in Pakistan.

The Intech- interactive LED display screens offers magnetic pen tray on the front of the interactive LED screen, replacing the conventional pen trays which became hinderance for users while walking & teaching on the interactive LED panels. The magnate tray, is situated rite above the stereo speaker on the front panel of the interactive LED screen.

Interactive led touch screen in Pakistan with OPS computer.

The TC-1650 is a 55″ interactive LED display screen  is an advanced version of an ordinary interactive white board with built in computer having ability to transform platforms from android to windows with just a few clicks. Different computer options comprising of core i5 or core i7 can be selected

Easy shifting from OPS to android platforms

The Intech-interactive panels offers, easy shifting from windows operating system to android & vice versa. It utilizes the most latest Android 8.0 platform along with windows 10 operating system.

QR-code scanning in interactive LED display screens.

The intech interactive LED display screens offers easy QR-code scanning which allows wireless pairing of devices with interactive LED.

E-share wireless screen sharing in interactive LED display screens in Pakistan

Intech- TC 1650 UHD interactive LED screens in Lahore is one of the few models in Pakistan, which is offering wireless screen sharing of up to 4 devices operating on different platforms. The interactive LED forms a quad view grid to display all the 4 devices in a complete wireless environment.

Sizes of interactive LED display screens (65 inch, 75 inch, 86 inches)

Intech- manufactures wide range of  4K UHD interactive LED screen panels, coming in different sizes to serve various modern day applications. Sizes manufactured are ,65 inches 75 inch, 86 inches , 98 inches.

Different sizes of Interactive LED display screens
Interactive LED display screens In Pakistan

Best price of interactive flat panel in Pakistan

For best prices of 65 inch, 75 inch, 86 inch interactive led display panel screens, please get in touch with us at sales@nasco-av.com, our distribution network allows us to offer interactive LED display screen panels to be offered in all major cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Jehlum, Mangla, Sialkot etc 

All in one Interactive touch screen with video conferencing system.

The Intech-  touch interactive screen can be integrated with any video conferencing system, making it an all in one interactive touch screen system with video conferencing facility. The touch interactive screen operates on latest Android 8.0 version & video conferencing software like  zoom , skype, ms teams etc can be downloaded directly on the interactive touch screen and can be used as an all in one interactive touch screen for zoom video conferencing. Zoom application can be downloaded from play store & the video conferencing camera is integrated with zoom to form an all in one zoom video conferencing system.

Interactive led screen with video conferencing camera for zoom video conferencing

4K- Interactive LED display screens in Lahore (Project Reference 2021).

The Intech- interactive LED display screens from INTECH, offers highest quality coupled with functions & features which makes conference rooms more collaborative & functional. Few project references comprising of 4K- interactive LED display screen were installed in Lahore. The multi touch interactive screens offers 20 point & 10 touch point interactive infra red surface with less <4ms response time. These features & functionalities made the client to opt for Interactive LED display screens in Lahore from INTECH, the interactive LED display screen in Lahore was connected with complete audio video conferencing system as well, comprising of video conferencing camera & audio conference microphone system.

Interactive LED display screen along with audio conference microphone systems in Lahore

65 inch Interactive LED display screen with audio conference system in Lahore

4K interactive LED display in Pakistan having multi- touch infra red screens
4K- ultra high definition multi touch interactive LED display screens in Pakistan

4K UHD interactive LED touch screen (65 inch) in Pakistan

Intech TC-1650, 65″ 4K UHD Interactive LED touch screen (65 inch) in Pakistan is flat panel  incorporating high end LED screen with built-in OPS computer and infrared interactive technology into one slim & attractive body. Intech TC-1650 4K UHD interactive LED panel/ monitor (65 inch) is designed for easy maintenance and is based on android latest version. It has patented multi touch technology of 10 or 20  touch points  coupled with wireless content sharing making it a truly collaborative & plug & play interactive LED panel (65 inch) in Pakistan.  It incorporates most latest & useful interactive whiteboard software with built in computer, stereo speakers & wireless hotspot for wireless content sharing making it a highly integrated multimedia classroom technology or conference room solution.  Intech TC-1650 65 inch interactive LED offers user a choice between operating the interactive LED panel on android or windows. Huge collection of apps for Android system which are collaborative with Android mobile devices can be downloaded directly via Google play store. 65 inch multi touch interactive screen can be installed either on wall or on a customized LED display stand.

Installation option for interactive display screens
Wall mount or Floor mount installation methods for 4K UHD interactive LED touch screen in Pakistan


Intech TC-1650 4K UHD interactive flat panel 65″


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