Digi- Sound Portable Sound System PG-3381

PG-3381 portable sound system from Digi-Sound facilitates all requirements of a modern day addressing system, incorporating many innovative features like , built in UPS to give stand by time of up to 5 hours in case of no electricity , built in DVD and USB player , built in cassette player. The portable sound system comes with wireless hand and wireless collar microphone as well, with its wireless receiver incorporated in side the body.


Digi – Sound Portable sound systems are unique in their performance and structure. The trolley wheelbase is extremely portable with built-in UPS systems that give a backup time of 5-6 hours. PG- 3381, from Digi Sound, has a 100 Watt built-in speaker ideal for catering to a capacity crowd of up to 100 – 200 people. The portable sound system has additional features of the built-in DVD player and USB inputs and also gives the provision of USB recording. The Portable sound system with a built-in DVD player is a stand-alone system with wireless microphones consisting of 1 x Hand microphone and 1 X Collar microphone. The portable sound system is an ideal solution that is not affected by any sort of power outage, as the system has a built-in UPS.


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