Even though there are several conference microphone systems in the market now.In practice, not every function of a high-end conference system is required which in the end
leaves a lot of unused product at a cost to the buyer. In order to lower the budgetary burden on anyone searching for a conference system, CHIAYO has releasead a series of wired goose neck conference.The most unique feature of the GM-143 series is its loop circuit design where any microphone unit can be positioned freely. Up to 20 units can be installed in a conference. In addition, the system uses universal Cat5 / Cat.6 cables for audio connection. One power supply and audio converter will power all units installed on the loop. Every system has a chairman unit GM-143C to dominate other units’ (GM-143S) speech via a “MUTE” button. It can also work with CHIAYO’s ther products to perform a wireless link to the speaker.

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CHIAYO, has manufactured professional conference microphone system with enhanced microphone sensitivity that allows users to speak from the conference microphone with ease and comfort with out clinging on to the microphone. The unique feature of this system is the loop circuit design. Up to 20 units can be installed in a conference room all together. Flexible Cat 5, 6 cables are used to connect these microphones with ease. One power supply and audio converter will power all units installed on the loop


System configuration

CHIAYO conference system are stylish, new desktop microphone bases with sensitive goose neck microphones and offers greater flexibility in many applications. These systems  are ideal for conferences, public forums or corporate meetings where multiple goose neck microphones are necessary. A momentary PRESS-TO-TALK button allows “press-talk-release” operations whilst the LOCKED-TO-TALK button enables a completely hands free continuous talking mode until the button is pressed again to unlock. The cardioid polar pattern microphone minimizes ambient noise while the zinc die-cast  base with a non-glare finish provides an elegant and unobtrusive profile.


Connection diagram


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