AVER EVC-170 Video Conference System-Pakistan

The AVER – EVC 170, is a point to point video conferencing solution, with built in meeting server, providing additional features and functionalities to the users. The EVC-170 video conferencing system, offers balanced price to performance ratio, offering optimal  unified communication protocols for large to medium size conference room. AVER- video conferencing system, can be interconnected with external audio conferencing system, like Restmoment, to provide comprehensive audio & video conferencing experience.

Price Range

Rs.100,000  ~ 600,000/-

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The AVER –EVC 170 video conferencing system comprises top quality, full HD video conferencing camera, a highly sensitive omni-directional microphone & a fully digital processing unit. The highly sensitive omni-directional microphone is capable of handling up to 20 audience members, allowing a crystal clear audio broadcast. The full HD camera is capable of zooming up to 18X, providing full control to the users to control the camera during the entire video conferencing session.

2) AVER EVC-170 Video conferencing solution is ideal for the scenario where a high-quality video connection is required between two points only the AVER-EVC 170 Video conferencing solution, fully supports built-in meeting server, meaning NAT traversal, SIP registrar with full meeting ID to ensure complete compatibility with SIP, H.232 & Web RTC, providing many collaboration possibilities.

3) The EVC-170 video conferencing codec comprises multiple inputs & outputs, offering unique presentation features, allowing video to be displayed on a separate output and presentation/multimedia content to be displayed on a different display. The EVC-170 video conferencing codec comprises of

Inputs Outputs
1 * HDMI Input

1 * VGA Input

1 * HD Camera Input

1 * Audio Input

1 * Microphone Input

1 * RJ-45 Input

2 * HDMI Output

1 * VGA Output

1 * Audio Output



WEB-Real Time Communication (WEB-RTC)

The AVER-EVC 170 Video conferencing solution, fully supports instant real time communication over most famous browsers like chrome, fire fox etc . The WEB-RTC, can be used to share slides during video conferencing solution. License upgrade is required to activate this feature.

Recording Facility

AVER- EVC 170 Video conferencing solution, allows complete HD resolution audio & video recording on a memory stick(USB). The facility & feature allows complete recording of the procession.

High Zooming Ability

The EVC-170 video conferencing camera, can zoom up to superior 18X, which brings new level of clarity & detail to video conferencing. The HD camera provides 82° field of view allowing 7-12 people or more in the meeting room. The motorized camera can be fully controlled from remote control or via web interface, providing ±130° pan and +90°/-25° tilt movement.

Additional Software Supports

The AVER EVC-170 video conferencing solution can also be linked with additional software solutions to enhance the collaboration experience of video conferencing. Software options, includes

  • EZ- Meetup
  • EZ- Draw
  • VC Link
  • VC Player
  • Screen Share
  • VC-Utility.


  • Package contents
    • Main system unit (codec)
    • eCam PTZ IV camera
    • EVC microphone array
    • IR remote control with batteries
    • Power supply
    • Cables
    • Warranty card
    • Quick guide
  • Communications
    • H.323, SIP standards, SIP TLS
    • WebRTC (License Required)
    • Call-Quality bandwidth 64Kbps ~ 8Mbps
    • RJ45 network LAN (10/100/1000)
    • Manual max. bandwidth settings
  • Camera
    • eCam PTZ IV camera
    • 2-megapixel CMOS sensor
    • 18X total zoom (12X optical + 1.5X digital)
    • ±130° pan; +90°/-25° tilt
    • 72° FOV (H); 43° FOV (V); 82° FOV (diagonal)
  • People video resolutions
    • HD 1080p (1920 x 1080), up to 60fps
    • HD 720p (1280 x 720)
    • 480p (848 x 480)
    • 4CIF (704 x 576)
    • CIF (352 x 288)
    • SIF (352 x 240)
    • All resolutions at 30fps
  • Content video resolutions
    HDMI-supported resolutions
    • 1080p (1920 x 1080)
    • 720p (1280 x 720)
    • D1 (720 x 480)
    • SXGA (1280 x 1024)
    • XGA (1024 x 768)
    • SVGA (800 x 600)
    • VGA (640 x 480)
    Output resolutions:
    • Up to HD1080p (1920 x 1080) up to 60fps
  • Video standards
    • H.264, H.264 HP, H.264 SVC, H.263+, H.263
    • H.239 dual-video streams
    • BFCP content sharing
  • Video features
    • 3D denoise
  • Video inputs
    • Main camera eCam PTZ IV
    • HDMI/VGA for presentation
  • Video outputs
    • HDMI x 2
    • VGA






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