ITC-Audio Public Addressing System Was Deployed at Military college of signals

Military college of signals- rawalpindi opted to convert one of their old sheds of size 100 x 170 ft into a fully modernize auditorium with state of the art audio & visual systems. The 17,000 sqft auditorium required to have most latest ITC-Audio Public Addressing System & AV systems which can cater requirements pertaining to conferences, convocations, university plays etc. Apart from the audio requirements, the hall needed to have a high quality display , high brightness display which can easily be visible for audience sitting at the extreme back ends of the auditorium.

ITC-Audio public addressing system was deployed for the 17,000 Sqft auditorium. High powered, special ceiling speakers, model ITC-Audio T-208 were used with built in woofer & tweeter, having RMS of 40 watt each. 40 * ceiling speakers ITC-audio    T-208 were installed in ceiling, giving a combined output wattage of 1600 watts. Professional amplifiers from ITC-Audio were used to connect all 40 ceiling speakers. The combine 1600 watt of ceiling speakers were divided among amplifiers, whose signals inputs & outputs were looped together. Restmoment Conference microphone system was deployed at the stage for the head table along with ITC-Audio T-6236B public addressing rostrum for addressing purposes. The ITC-Audio T-6236B public addressing rostrum , has built in speaker system of 60 watt with built in goose neck microphone & LED reading light. For display purposes, vivitek DLP projection solution was deployed, for left & right side of the stage, full HD projectors were used,along with a high brightness projector for the central screen, making an image size of 12 x 23 ft. Special wireless antennas were installed to cover entire area of 17,000 Sqft

KENSENCE – multi video processor, model MVP-4400 was used to cater multiple high definition inputs from various users. The multi-input video processor, connects 4 HDMI inputs & 4 HDMI outputs, having ability to switch seamlessly between various sources as well as displaying all 4 sources simultaneously.  The MVP-4400 allows the operator to easily display high definition sources of his own choice.

All equipment was terminated on a 22U network rack, with structured cabling for each equipment.

Description/ BrandQTY
ITC-Audio T-208 Ceiling Speaker40
ITC-Audio T-240 Amplifier05
Restmoment Conference Microphone System10
ITC-Audio T-6236B Public Addressing Rostrum01
VIVITEK Projector02
VIVITEK HD Projector01
BARDL- Wireless Antenna01
BARDL – Wireless microphone02 sets

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