Increase range of wireless microphones using external antennas.

How to increase & enhance range of “Wireless Microphones” 

BRAND               : BARDL.

Model   : BARDL- UK 800 UHF Wireless Microphone Series.

Configuration    :  1 * Wireless Hand Microphone , 1 * Wireless Collar Microphone

Wireless microphone is a very useful invention, which has not only provided greatest convenience for the presenters , teachers & any one who is facing & presenting to an audience, but has also provided ease of use and portability. 

Wireless microphones are an essential part of every sound system,public addressing systems, audio & video conference systems & also countless other applications. It is an essential component and hardly, there will be any conference room or auditorium, where wireless microphones are not used.

There are 3 types of wireless frequencies utilized in wireless microphones.

  1. VHF microphones             : Very High Frequency ranging from 30 Mhz to 300 MHz 
  2. UHF microphones             : Ultra High Frequency ranging from 300MHz to 3GHz
  3. Infrared microphones   :   Normally Channel A @ 2.3 MHz & Channel B @ 2.8 MHz 

The kind of ease, wireless microphones present, there are also some associated issues & prominently the issues pertain to, wireless interference amongst various wireless microphones and sometimes the issue is related to range of signals. 

In this blog, we will present a solution, in which the range of the wireless microphones can be increased by a couple of kilometers.

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