How to configure IDs in Restmoment Audio Conference Microphone System.

  • These days, due to advancement in technology, most of the audio microphone delegate conference systems deployed in conference rooms  are fully digital, having advanced audio echo cancellation, noise suppression & microphone management technology.
  • Restmoment audio conference systems offer a unique method for management of audio microphone delegate systems.  All models of Restmoment audio microphone conference systems, utilizes the same management technique to map all microphones digitally to the central control unit.

Restmoment manufacturers the following digital audio conference microphone systems.

  1. Restmoment Rx- 2700 Series   ( Basic Series wired conference system)
  2. Restmoment Rx- 3100 Series   ( Embedded/ flush mount  wired conference system)
  3. Restmoment Rx – 3500 Series ( Advanced high end wired conference system)
  4. Restmoment Rx-  6640 Series  ( Advanced high end wired conference system)
  5. Restmoment Rx –  2861 Series ( Advanced wireless high end conference system)

How to configure IDs of digital delegate conference microphones on the central control unit.

Step – 1 : Connection of digital audio delegate microphones with each other.
  • Connect all Restmoment audio delegate microphones in daisy chain manner, connecting the last delegate microphone with the central control unit of the Restmoment brand.
Restmoment audio delegate
Step : 2 Configuring the central control unit 
  • On the Restmoment central control unit, press the menu button, present in the middle of the pad on the central control unit of Restmoment audio conference system.
audio conference microphone & camera system in karachi
Restmoment central control unit menu Buttons
Step - 3 Selection of System Settings.
  • Once the menu button is pressed, multiple options come forward. Select the “ System settings” options.
System Settings
Step – 4  Selection of “ Edit ID” On Restmoment Central Control Unit
  • Once, system settings option is pressed, press okay , on the option of “ Edit ID”
System settings edit ID
Step- 5 Select the “ Start” button.
  • Once the option of “ Edit ID” is entered,  press the option of “ Start”.
  • Once, the “ Start” button is pressed,  all connected microphones start to blink. Press the microphone on button on each delegate microphones, each time the microphone on button is turned on, the total number of microphone numbers are mapped on the machine.
Setting Edit ID Start
Step- 6 : Press the “ Stop “ Button.
  • Once all microphone on buttons are pressed, the total number of microphones connected are shown on the central control unit. Now press the “ Stop” on the central control machine , to complete the process. 
  • Now all Restmoment, audio delegate microphones are mapped with the machine.

A short video in order to understand clearly, how to “ Configure ID’s in a Restmoment Conference Systems”  can also be seen here.

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