Deployment of Restmoment RX- 300 System at Model Class Room Of Police College Sihala

Model class rooms are being developed at Police College Sihala with the intent of integrating most latest Audio/ Visual & class room facilities. Restmoment RX-300 conference microphone system was deployed in the class room with most latest ITC-Audio Public addressing systems. Following configuration of equipment was deployed.

16 * Restmoment RX- 300 Delegate microphone system with parallel
connectivity for secure inter-connections.
1 *  Restmoment RX- 300 Chairman microphone system for over riding power of
entire delegate microphones with the instructor.
1 * ITC-Audio T-120U Amplifier having 120 watt amplification power with USB
4 * ITC-Audio T-105 Ceiling mounted speaker having 6 watt speaker wattage
1 * ITC-Audio T-521 Wireless microphone comprising of wireless hand &
wireless collar microphone.

Police college intends to upgrade the class room with most latest
interactive white board technology with multiple switcher processors
allowing multiple feeds to be displayed simultaneously.

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