Comprehensive Audio/Visual Solutions

Since 1978, we have established our name as one of the most comprehensive solution providers of Audio visual equipments, managing, successfully thousands of conference till now. We offer wide range of services and are considered as pioneers in introducing latest technologies in Pakistan, not only for sale purposes but we have also utilized those technologies effectively for events and seminars. We were first to introduce the Language interpretation equipment and can effectively offer viable solution for up to 8 different  languages to 200 + participants. Our stock inventory consists of the following

1) High resolution multimedia projectors from ASK-Proxima & LG

2) Projection Screens of various sizes from Topex

3) High resolution SMD/ LED display screens of up to P5 resoltuion From Absen

4) Wireless Interpretation Equipment  from Restmoment

5) Interactive display systems from Gloview

6) Public addressing systems from ITC- Audio .

7) Portable Sound systems from Digi-sound

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