University of Sargodha

Provision of Video Conferencing Solution at University of Sargodha

University of Sargodha intended to procure most latest video conferencing solution for their modern conference room constructed at the university of Sargodha. The requirement comprised of most latest conferencing facility which can be used in house and can also be interconnected with far end video conferencing solution.  The management of the university wished to have a conference system which allowed them to sit comfortably on their seats, work on their files and speak very comfortably, without leaning over on the microphone set.  Also, their prime requirement was immunity from the interferences caused by RF & cell phone signals. Considering all these requirements, Restmoment Conferencing 2700 Series was offered to the management of University of Sargodha. Thorough demonstration was given to the management, like always, the power full performance and versatile features of the Restmoment 2700 series fulfilled all the requirements of the university of Sargodha. The sensitive goose neck microphones, allowed the management  to sit comfortably while speaking and also interconnection of audio conference system with video conference system was tested thoroughly. The restmoment 2700 series chairman & delegate units provides unique underneath cabling system, giving complete wireless technology look. The cables, are installed and interconnected with the other delegates in daisy chain method under each microphone, so the cables are not at all visible, giving a unique look of wireless conferencing system. Complete structured cabling was done till the control room.


University of Sargodha

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The project was successfully concluded and handed over to the competent authority of university of Sargodha.

Provision of Audio Conferencing System at Fauji Fertilizer Company

Fauji fertilizer company (Pvt)ltd  was looking for the most latest audio conferencing system, which could not only give them ample space on the table but also provides most sensitive microphones which allowed them to speake comfortably as well. For this purpose, Restmoment RX-3100 series conference microphone system was proposed. The Restmoment RX-3100 series conference delegate system, is an embedded system which is installed inside the body of the table only the push button along with the sensitive gooseneck microphone is visible allowing a distance of up to 3 feet for the speakers to speak comfortably while sitting at his place. Continue reading Provision of Audio Conferencing System at Fauji Fertilizer Company


A state of the art Mayors conference room was constructed at Islamabad & their requirement was to provide most latest conference microphone system which can not only provide ample space on the table but also provide enough sensitivity for the users to speak comfortably while sitting on their positions. Along with that, state of the art multimedia projection solution was also required which allow users to simultaneously transmit their data easily on the projector, allowing multiple sources to be displayed simultaneously. For this purpose, Restmoment, fully digital embedded conference system was installed, model RX-3100. The Restmoment RX-3100 embedded conference system, can easily be installed in the tables and the high quality condenser microphones, gives ample speech pick up distance so that the users can sit comfortably while speaking. The Restmoment RX- 3100, comprises of 16 embedded delegate microphones & a chairman unit, the chairman unit allows, the chairman, to over ride all other delegate microphones. Multi-image input processors were used to connect VIVITEK multimedia projectors, allowing multiple users to connect simultaneously with the projection systems. The KENSENCE-MVP 4400 allows up to 4 users to connect simultaneously, the MVP-4400 processor, can show quad screen, displaying 4 sources all together, also allows to display each sources independently. ITC-Audio , public addressing systems was deployed, comprising of professional ceiling speakers & amplifiers. Continue reading PROVISION OF DIGITAL EMBEDDED CONFERENCE SYSTEM AT MAYORS OFFICE ISLAMABAD

ITC-Audio Public Addressing System Was Deployed at Military college of signals

Military college of signals- rawalpindi opted to convert one of their old sheds of size 100 x 170 ft into a fully modernize auditorium with state of the art audio & visual systems. The 17,000 sqft auditorium required to have most latest ITC-Audio Public Addressing System & AV systems which can cater requirements pertaining to conferences, convocations, university plays etc. Apart from the audio requirements, the hall needed to have a high quality display , high brightness display which can easily be visible for audience sitting at the extreme back ends of the auditorium.

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Wireless conferencing & projection system

Provision of state of the art wireless conferencing & projection system at Chaklala Cantonment Board

Chaklala cantonment board Rawalpindi were in process of constructing their state of the art conference room, where they wanted only the most sophisticated & modern conference room technologies. Comprising of state of the art fully wireless conference microphone system integrated with fully wireless display solution. We provided industry standard wireless conferencing & projection system. The conference table comprised of 60 participants each having there own wireless audio & visual system integration. Integrating 60 wireless discussion microphones was a great challenge as handling so many wireless microphones is not easy. As chances for interference between different wireless signals are very high, which is not acceptable, as it will create signal interference. So, a solution had to be furnished, which was free from any interference, regardless of the number of wireless delegates. For this purpose, most modern & state of the art Restmoment Digital audio conference microphones were used. The wireless conferencing system, model RX-2861 offers unique multi frequency channels for each wireless delegates, allowing every unit to operate in their own frequency band & unique channel. This technology, eliminates inter band frequency interference between wireless delegates, it was the most suitable technology for this conference room, as it allowed 60 wireless delegates to operate simultaneously, with out any interference. Restmoment central control unit, model M-2861 was used in conjunction with trans-receiver, model Restmoment HE-2861, interconnected with 60 Wireless delegate microphones model, Restmoment RX- D 2861 were used for this conference room. ITC-audio public addressing systems were used with the wireless conferencing & projection system.

For professional display, we used, VIVITEK  high brightness DLP projector with wireless connectivity with android & IOS. Full HD definition resolution VIVITEK projector was used for display of full HD resolution with true color technology. The vivitek projector, outputs, 4000 Lumens on the appropriately gained projection screen for optimum results.

Wireless conferencing & projection system
Restmoment Wireless Delegate Unit


Restmoment wireless conference microphone Wireless conferencing & projection system




Restmoment M-2861 Central control unit


Restmoment HE-2861 Trans-receiver


Restmoment RX- 2861 Delegate Unit


Restmoment RX- 2861 Chairman Unit


Restmoment CB-106 Charging Docks


ITC-Audio T-240 Amplifiers


ITC-Audio T-206 Ceiling Speakers


VIVITEK- HD Projector


Motorized Projection Screen


Restmoment Conference System

Restmoment Conference System

OPEN- Islamabad, under NUST, opted for most reliable & fully digital conference systems from restmoment. The elegantly designed conference systems from restmoment have reached many milestones in very limited span of time covering almost 80% of international conferences in major cities of pakistan like lahore, faislabad, peshawar,islamabad & karachi. The fully digital conference system which has built in features for audio recording on USB or SD card can record complete conferences on portable storage. It is the most popular product among others in the market.

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Deployment of Restmoment RX- 300 System at Model Class Room Of Police College Sihala

Model class rooms are being developed at Police College Sihala with the intent of integrating most latest Audio/ Visual & class room facilities. Restmoment RX-300 conference microphone system was deployed in the class room with most latest ITC-Audio Public addressing systems. Following configuration of equipment was deployed.

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Emerging Fuel Mix For Pakistan & Markets Outlook- Pakistan Oil & Gas Conference 2017, Petroleum Institute Of Pakistan

An international event inaugurated by honorable Prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Khakan Abbasi, was conducted at Islamabad. NASCO was awarded to handle the technological aspects of the entire event. Professional audio along with visual solution to display high quality presentation with very fine details of geographical images were the main requirements, along with display of sponsored logos of various companies. To cater this requirement, high resolution SMD display screens were installed with interactive SMD as back drop having size of 10 x 30. For logos, a unique pattern of SMD was installed at the bottom of the stage with the size of 2 x 30 feet.

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Ministry of Railway- Rawalpindi

Ministry of Railway- Rawalpindi , was in requirement of a state of the art, fully digital conference microphone system, which should be interference free from cell phones & other interferences caused by RF signals. After thorough testing & demonstration, fully digital Restmoment RX-2700 Series was selected, with fully digital circuit allowing anti interference technology from disturbances caused by RF &cell phones. Restmoment RX-2700 series conference system gives the most latest CD quality audio, sheltered with 5 year comprehensive warranty.

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