Restmoment Conference System at TDRO

Audio conference system in Pakistan 

Audio conference system in Pakistan from Restmoment  known for its quality manufacturing and outclass audio processing technology has been installed at more that 400 prestigious departments all over Pakistan. Recently Trade dispute Resolution Organization ( TDRO), after much research over other brands, has finally acquired Restmoment brand of audio conference systems. The restmoment systems are considered most popular in regard to there audio out put quality, top notch manufacturing quality, sensitive microphones allowing participants to sit comfortably & speak.

Restmoment RX-700 Series audio conference system in Pakistan

Trade dispute resolution organization opted for a restmoment audio conference microphone system  model Restmoment RX-700 series. This model offered them the features & functionalities exceeding their primary requirement. With sensitive condenser microphone & built in stereo speaker. The audio conference system was installed in daisy chain connectivity . The Restmoment RX-700 series was later replaced by Restmoment RX- 2700 series.

Features & Functionality of Restmoment Audio conference systems

  1. Check how Restmoment configure ID for each microphone
  • Restmoment uses the most latest Digital acoustic feed back suppression technology in all there products. Which allows the speaker to turn off when the microphone is active. This avoids room feed back and ambient noise effects.
  • Restmoment uses 8-pin din connector for secure connections into the microphones. 
  • The built in stereo speakers in each microphone broadcasts quality audio in the room and avoids usage of additional public addressing systems.
  • The central control amplifier of the system offers various microphone selection modes.
  • Each delegate & chairman microphone has ring LED indicator to indicate status of microphone to be on or off.
  • The Chairman microphone unit,  has the over ride functionality to turn off all the delegate microphones with just a single press.

Audio Conference system in Pakistan
Audio conference system in Pakistan

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