Shaukat Khanum Peshawar Iftar 2016

After grand success of integrating innovative audio visual solution for the iftar buffet of Shaukat Khanum hospital in Islamabad, Nasco was once again thrown a challenging task of integrating high quality AV solutions at the newly constructed Shaukat Khanum Hospital Peshawar. Unlike in Islamabad, where all AV solutions were connected in an indoor environment, we had to cover mass area for Shaukat Khanum Peshawar, where almost 2000- 3000 guests were expected.

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Punjab Smart School Projects

Punjab government opted for Nasco & INTECH brand of Interactive smart boards for their smart school projects for schools in various districts of Punjab. Nasco with collaboration with INTECH- has till now installed 60  INTECH- smart boards  model SR-8285. These smart interactive white boards,  has multi-touch abilities for 10 students to simultaneously use & collaborate with each other. The power full interactive software from INTECH, allows complete audio visual lecture capturing facility.

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Restmoment RX- 3100 Embedded Conference System Installation at Police Head Quarters

Restmoment, a trusted brand known for the manufacturing of innovative designs for audio conference systems introduced most latest RX-3100 embedded series conference system. The innovative design for delegate audio conference system is embedded on the tables, with only the sensitive goose necks to be visible.

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CHIAYO GM-143 System at Faiz-Ul-Islam

Faiz-Ul- Islam, was in dire need of an audio conferencing solution where they could communicate with their donors world wide, effectively and efficiently via web conferencing softwares. Nasco, offered them a viable solution audio conferencing solution from CHIAYO- (Taiwan). The Chiayo GM 143 delegate system having unique connectivity flexibility with RJ 45 cable allows direct connection of delegates with public addressing amplifier. The GM-143 series microphones offers individual  gain control feature allowing superior sensitivity for the system allowing participants to sit comfortably and speak, while the microphones detect the voice from  distance of even 3 feet. Pictures during installation of the system is given below.

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Shaukat Khanum Iftar Dinner 2016

Nasco, being one of the oldest & most reliable Audio Visual partner for Shaukat Khanum provided high resolution SMD display screen along with public addressing systems in various halls in a local hotel in Islamabad. Live feeds were broadcasted to each hall where participants enjoyed and appreciated the crystal clear audio dynamics along with high brightness visual display via multimedia projectors and SMD display systems.

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15th Session of COMSTECH

15th Session of COMSTECH – General Assembly Islamabad- Pakistan

The 15th   Session of COMSTECH- General Assembly  was successfully organized at Islamabad Pakistan, partnering up with Nasco, the most experienced Audio Visual integrators for international conferences, the joint assemble session was a big success. Almost 300 persons attended the General Assembly session, Nasco, was asked to deliver high quality SMD display solutions to broadcast presentations and video sessions along with language interpretation systems for 2 independent sessions.

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